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Since 1983 Legacy speakers and electronics have been the reference for audiophiles, studio professionals and high performance theaters. Designed, assembled and tested at our factory in Springfield, Illinois, each system is precisely calibrated to meet exacting standards. Legacy leads in transducer innovation, directivity control and room resonance reduction. Audio enthusiasts worldwide recognize Legacy as the ultimate in accuracy.

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Legacy Audio speakers will for the first time be paired with the new Legacy line of Powerbloc amplifiers. Whether you choose the two channel Powerbloc2 or the four channel Powerbloc4, you're assured of low distortion, ultra-clean power with the finesse of amplifiers at four times the price. Audiophiles will appreciate the detail and resolution from the ultra-wide 1.5Hz to 70kHz bandwidth. Professionals will love the abundance of effortless power. Hear them for yourself in Utopia A, Join Legacy & David Solomon of Qobuz on Friday at 1PM & Saturday at 3PM for a special demo of Qobuz high-res music on the Legacy V System! Register for the Legacy newsletter and receive a complimentary Music Sampler CD...with tracks mixed and mastered on Legacy loudspeakers as well as an exclusive new digital download following the show!