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Raidho Acoustics



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Raidho Acoustics is a danish company located in the northern part of Denmark. We manufacture worldclass speakers with beautiful danish design and a high level of technology, built with our own handbuilt drivers and components.

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We introduce the new TD1.2 and TD-4.2 which is elegant speakers wrapped in a high quality enclosure with amazing looks. The TD1.2 is the first to use our newly developed bas/midrange-driver with the most powerful underhung system (patent pending), moving the legacy of the D1.1 to a completely new level. Our designer, Benno Baun Meldgaard will reveal the details during the demos. With the TD-4.2 we introduce newly upgraded drivers, including our famous ribbon tweeter, which has been improved as well with a stronger magnet system for higher sensitivity and better ventilation for less distortion and the new Tantalum/Diamond-drivers who is also found in the highly appraised model, TD-4.8. The enclosure is updated and the speaker is even better in this new edition of the well-reviewed D-4.2. Together with Chord Electronics, wiring from GamuT Audio and turntable from Pear Audio, we will introduce this elegant, highclass performer for the first time. In the room, you will also get a look at some of the new Scansonic MB-B models. Talk Talk Vinyl Tribute party - Saturday 8 PM in room 434