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Computer Audio Design



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Dedicated to getting the best possible sound out of a digital audio, Computer Audio Design (CAD) is based in London, England. We are proud to introduce to the USA CAD's world-class digital source components alongside CAD's innovative Ground Control noise reduction devices. CAD’s award winning 1543-MKII DAC features resistor-ladder technology for non-fatiguing, natural analogue sound. The CAD 1543 DAC will be partnered by the bespoke CAD Audio Transport (the "CAT") and patented CAD USB cables. CAD’s founder and designer, Scott Berry, will be on hand to answer all your questions about computer audio.

Special Events / Show Specials / Giveaways

Scott Berry, founder and designer, will be on hand to demonstrate the CAD Ground Controls, tackling noise reduction with remarkable results. These passive devices absorb unwanted high-frequency energy from the ground plane of audio devices. Signal ground is “half the signal” but is often overlooked in audio designs. The Ground Controls offer a novel approach and are described as “indispensable” (Roy Gregory, HiFi+) and “a very powerful device indeed” (Clement Perry, Stereo Times). In addition, we are delighted to be hosting the exquisite Trilogy 915R Reference tube preamp and 995R Reference Monoblock amplifiers. Nic Poulson, designer and CEO of Trilogy, will also be visiting us from London, England to introduce Trilogy to the USA in person.