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M2Tech Italy


Company Information and Description

Award winning manufacturer M2Tech of Italy develops products for computer audio, analog playback, D/A - A/D conversion, clocking, ultra-low noise power supply, the new Young MK3 MQA/DSD 256 DAC/Pre-amp. The Young MK3-MQA is compatible for the A1 "Crosby" stereo amplifier. Basic output 60 wrms/8 ohms stereo and 110 wrms at 4 ohms. When bridged the A1 outputs 180 wrms at 8 ohms. Also compatible are the VDGMK2 ultra low noise power supply, the NASH multiple phono/line input A/D switcher and the Joplin MK3 A/D mm/mc phono-stage with DA conversion. EVO2 series continues from 2018.