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Gamut – renowned Danish manufacturer of handcrafted State-of-the-art audio components – designs and builds no-compromise loudspeakers, amplifiers, electronics and a complete line of cables. Musical sculptures with iconic luxury design, that brings natural and emotionally engaging musical performance into your home. GamuT RSi-speaker cabinets are made with 21 layers of handpicked real wood of various kind and thickness, which is then carefully curved to form an exquisite shape that eliminates any standing waves or distortion. This rigid and lightweight cabinet has no phase delay and all drivers are phase aligned at all frequencies. Result - the ultimate musical, organic experience.

Special Events / Show Specials / Giveaways

GamuT will playing full album sides of Talk Talk albums each day of the show, in tribute of the brilliant singer and songwriter of Talk Talk, Mark Hollis, who recently died.