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Saturday, April 13, 2019  |  5:00 PM - 5:45 PM

Open to All Attendees!

Room EQ Wizard: Your Path to Bass Nirvana

More than 30% of our perception of good sound comes from low frequencies.  Further, most of the remaining aspects of our perception comes from that of the steady-state frequency response accuracy and acoustics of the room.  This class will provide an overview of how Room EQ Wizard (REW) can be used to both assess a room’s acoustics and optimize the low frequency reproduction from the system.  This free tool is a tweakers dream, giving you the power and ability to optimize your system and objectively assess the improvements made by various upgrades.  In addition, it is an invaluable tool for integrating subwoofers into your system, helping to ensure the best possible sound.  Following this Master Class, Matthew Poes, a staff writer for AV Nirvana, will be providing an in person live demonstration of REW at the Saturday JTR Speakers after-party. 

Giveaway! AV Nirvana will be doing a giveaway for Gik Acoustics Alpha series corner bass trap at the conclustion of the session!