Conference Speaker:

Dr. Rob RobinsonDirector of EngineeringChannel D

Besides being a lifelong audiophile, musician and dedicated music lover, Rob Robinson was a research scientist and project manager at Bell Communications Research (originally part of AT&T Bell Labs). Dr. Robinson has been involved with computer audio since the 1980s, and founded Channel D in 1995. He is responsible for creating the award winning Pure Vinyl and Pure Music computer audio software, and designing the Channel D Seta (Italian for silk) megahertz - bandwidth phono stages. (The Seta Model L moving-coil preamplifier has been a Stereophile Editors' Choice "Class A" Recommended Phono Preamplifier since 2010, and is now the phono stage chosen by John Atkinson as part of his Associated Components in conjunction with his reviews in Stereophile magazine.)