Conference Speaker:

Glenn KurasOwner & FounderGIK Acoustics

GIK Acoustics was founded in 2004 in Atlanta, GA, by Glenn Kuras who recognized the need for an acoustics company that could fill the demands of a variety of rooms ranging from home listening & recording rooms to world-renowned facilities like Abbey Road Studios. GIK Acoustics manufactures and sells acoustic treatments but more importantly GIK Acoustics was founded on Glenn’s philosophy to provide solutions that would improve the sound quality for recording studios, listening rooms, home theaters, restaurants, churches, and live auditoriums.

In 2008 a second location, GIK Acoustics–Europe, opened in the United Kingdom and today GIK treats over 5,000 rooms worldwide each year with award-winning acoustic panels, bass traps, and diffusors.

Glenn is an industry leader who holds a patent on his acoustic design and as a pioneer, Glenn continues to introduce new and innovative products.