APRIL 11-13, 2025
Schaumburg Convention Center | Chicago, IL

Advisory Board Member

Solomon came to Qobuz with one of the most diverse backgrounds in the high-end audio industry. His wide-spanned career encompasses sales, education, talent acquisition, sales management, distribution, branding and manufacturing.

In 2004, Solomon co-launched Peachtree Audio, the first company that was based around the current digital world and offering digital inputs. All other major companies followed the lead within 5 years. He had predicted that it was just a matter of time before Hi Res streaming was a reality and in the meantime was teaching the industry about ripping local libraries and streaming full and Hi-Res files 11 years before the first full resolution cloud-based streaming service would emerge.

In 2014, Solomon was hired by Oslo based Tidal to launch the first full-resolution streaming service in the US, while continuing to educate the industry and US market about better sound and the downfall of mp3. Solomon had been in preparation for this position for many years.

In 2018, Solomon was employed to launch Qobuz and today leads the effort in the US as VP of business development while maintaining his original position as Chief Hi Res Music Evangelist where he can be seen supporting, US based audio shows, dealer events and audio manufacturers. During the pandemic, David created a livestream called Qobuz Live that features, recording engineers, high-end audio manufacturers and musicians to bring knowledge and awareness to the music loving community.

“Although I’ve enjoyed every position I’ve had and learned from some of the best, Qobuz is my dream job and I love nothing more than getting people and companies involved and educated in the ever-changing world of Hi-Res streaming. Being a musician, mixing engineer and all-around music lover, I can’t think of a place where I would be as happy.”

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