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Alberto Guerra, the founder and CEO of AGD Production, is well known in the world of Power electronics for his engineering expertise. Years of research in the field of electronic components are now at the service of excellence in sound reproduction, with innovative and highly performing Hi-End Power Amplifiers, based on the GaNTubetm technology. AGD products presented this year are: the fully balanced analog design AGD ANDANTE Pre-Dac with full HD Streaming capability via Ethernet port, the Vivace and The AUDION Monoblock and Hi-End Power Amplifiers, using the GaNTube tm technology, with Gallium Nitride Power-Stage integrated in a Vacuum Tube.

Special Events / Show Specials / Giveaways

Alberto Guerra (AGD Productions) and Allen Sides (Ocean Way Audio) will give a brief presentation on the technology behind their products every day of the show at 2pm. In our room, the ANDANTE Pre-Dac, with the Vivace and the AUDION Monoblock, will be driving the unique Ocean Way Audio Eureka Monitors, performing, among other special selections, the unique compilation of music personally recorded by the multi-Emmy-awarded sound engineer Allen Sides.