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Like most children, Steven Norber had a curiosity about how stuff works. Luckily, his parents trusted him with the the inner workings of their console stereo. Science projects in high school followed, then a class titled, "The Physics of Hi-Fi" during his first year in college sealed his fate. Had he continued with the piano lessons from his mother, things might have been different. . . Welcome to PranaFidelity: where music and truth (fidelity) become a life force (prana).

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Axpona serves as a special event for every exhibitor and attendee. Imbibe! (preferably in the music). PranaFidelity will feature their model 108a 3-way active loudspeakers. Vinyl playback will be through Kuzma's Stabi R turntable, 4Point tonearm, and CAR40 cartridge. Cabling is with Silversmith Audio, and a modified Technics RS1500 may be there to play tape. There will be digital, too (including a server from Antipodes audio), and visitors are encouraged to bring music (analog and digital) with which they are familiar.