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Electrostatic hybrid loudspeakers, comprising easily set up non-dipoles that give the most transparent possible view into musical recordings. Originally founded in 1955, JansZen was the originator that year of the first commercially practical electrostatic loudspeakers. This year, we introduce a special version of our compact floor-standing active model, the Valentina A8-SE, This exceptional loudspeaker lets you use the remote to switch between our usual you-are-there presentation, created by limiting local ambiance, vs. a they-are-here presentation, created by omnidirectional sound. Delay and contouring of the indirect sound emulates the experience of listening in a large hall. David Janszen will be presenting.

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We plan on also demonstrating the BACCH 3D sound system, which gains extra realism thanks to the directivity and clarity of the Valentina A8 when set into its you-are-there mode. Its creator, Dr. Edgar Choueiri, will be present to explore its attributes and answer questions.
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