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For nearly 25 years, Channel D has provided cutting edge, award winning products and guidance for enhancing the enjoyment of music via analog and digital fidelity music reproduction, from LP archival and playback to the highest quality digital music playback. Our product line includes state of the art phono preamplifiers (Lino™ and Seta®) and the well known Pure Music® and Pure Vinyl™ computer audio software.

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Saturday at 4:30 PM, Rob Robinson, Channel D Director of Engineering will give a presentation on Transimpedance (Current Mode) phono preamplifier technology. Transimpedance offers substantial advantages when used with low output moving coil cartridges. A transimpedance phono stage does not need to supply adjustable load resistance to the cartridge, so there is no fiddling around with load resistance settings. Gain setting is automatic and leverages the cartridge’s internal impedance, providing 80 dB or more with a super quiet noise floor even with ultra-low-output MC cartridges. Most importantly, because of the extremely efficient damping of inductive EMF, cartridge tracking is demonstrably improved, granting the welcome dividends of improved clarity, definition and sound staging, taking analog vinyl playback to a higher level of enjoyment. Utopia D, 4:30 PM Saturday.