Exhibitor Giveaways, Special Events and Demos...

  • AGD Productions, Inc.

    Alberto Guerra (AGD Productions) and Allen Sides (Ocean Way Audio) will give a brief presentation on the technology behind their products every day of the show at 2pm. In our room, the ANDANTE Pre-Dac, with the Vivace and the AUDION Monoblock, will be driving the unique Ocean Way Audio Eureka Monitors, performing, among other special selections, the unique compilation of music personally recorded by the multi-Emmy-awarded sound engineer Allen Sides.
  • AIX Records

    The Music and Audio: A User Guide to Better Sound will be discounted by 25% at the show.

    all demo model off 20%
  • Aretai

    Check our website during the show for special offers!
  • Arion Audio

    AXPONA debut of the new Arion Audio Apollo loudspeaker system.
  • Audio Envy Cables

    Live A/B sound demonstrations all day. Measurable stats that signal quality matters. Do you want to progress toward real improvements in resolution?
  • Audioengine

    20% off sale on full line during show
  • AV RoomService, Ltd.

    10% off EVP and CVP products during Axpona. Stop by our booth #9208 or enter the code Axpona 2020 during checkout at our store website at avroomservice.com/store/ to receive 10% off your purchase.
  • Basis Audio Inc

    The A.J. Conti Transcendence state of the art turntable with super arm will be on display at Axpona 2020
  • Benchmark Media Systems, Inc.

    Stop by the Benchmark/Martin Logan room to register for a chance to win a Benchmark DAC3B D/A converter worth $1699!
  • Dyrholm Audio

    Experience the US debut of Dyrholm cables with SOTA's Cosmos turntable and partnering co-exhibiting equipment, ModWright Instruments and Egglestonworks Loudspeakers. For you – who want uncompromised performance, second to none, experience is everything. See you in Room 362.. Exclusively sold in the US through SOTA Turntables.
  • Bending Wave USA

    The Legendary UHA After Hours Analog Tape Event is back this year at Axpona 2020!

    Starting at 5:00 PM This Year!

    Join UHA in the impressive 16th floor Club Lounge with the all new Gobel Divin Marquis Speakers and VTL amplification for an evening of 100% analog tapes.

    Hear all the music you grew up with on analog tape, not just classical and jazz, there will be pop and of course lots of rock!

    Special: After the Rickie Lee Jones Concert, UHA will play her first album, don’t miss it!

    Come see us Friday and Saturday evenings, please note the early start time at 5pm till way past your bedtime!

  • Bryston

    Every day at 11 AM and 2 PM, join us in room 658 for a special demonstration and presentation of unique music by a Chicago based music luminary. Music and guests include jazz drummer Charles Rumback, Umphrey's McGee, Marrier Brothers and more to come! Special events are compliments of the artists and Schroeder HiFi - the North Shore's new choice for fine audio equipment.
  • Caprice Audio LLC

    We will be giving away a Mosaic system for 1 lucky individual who attends our Room and registers for the drawing.
  • Channel D

    Saturday at 4:30 PM, Rob Robinson, Channel D Director of Engineering will give a presentation on Transimpedance (Current Mode) phono preamplifier technology. Transimpedance offers substantial advantages when used with low output moving coil cartridges. A transimpedance phono stage does not need to supply adjustable load resistance to the cartridge, so there is no fiddling around with load resistance settings. Gain setting is automatic and leverages the cartridge’s internal impedance, providing 80 dB or more with a super quiet noise floor even with ultra-low-output MC cartridges. Most importantly, because of the extremely efficient damping of inductive EMF, cartridge tracking is demonstrably improved, granting the welcome dividends of improved clarity, definition and sound staging, taking analog vinyl playback to a higher level of enjoyment. Utopia D, 4:30 PM Saturday.
  • Cherry Amplifier®

    We will be having a sale on amplifier and DAC demos during the show.
  • Cherry Amplifier®

    We will be having a sale on amplifier and DAC demos during the show.
  • Dekoni

    Stop by for a sample set of headphone wipes. These will help sanitize headphones throughout your show floor demo experience.
  • DH Labs Inc.- Silversonic

    Ask about our drawing for a Free Reunion CAT 8 Ethernet Cable!
  • Digital Amp Co

    We will host a sale of Cherry Amps and DACs during the show.
  • Echowell Electronic Co., Ltd

    AXPONA 2020 / April 17~19th / Chicago USA. High End Munich 2020 / May 14~17th / Munich Germany. OTOTEN 2020 / June 6~7th / Tokyo Japan.
  • Elite AV Distribution

    At the bottom of each hour there will be demonstrations of the Furutech NCF Signal Boosters used under the Furutech loudspeaker cables to show how they affect the sound of the system. We will play a cut without them and then re-play the same cut with them installed. You will not fail to hear the difference! Please stop by and see/hear these amazing accessories: the best speaker cable risers ever made! Music Direct will be our official designated sales hub at the show so if you like the NCF Signal Boosters you can go downstairs and buy some at a special show price! The will also have other selected Furutech products like the famous Destat, and perhaps some cables. All at special Show prices! Please stop by Room 312 and see and hear the Elite AV goods! Bring your own LPs so that we can play them for you!
  • Emotiva

    Daily raffles and product giveaways. Exclusive Q.A. and tech sessions daily. Free Emotiva at Axpona 2020 T-shirts for the first 250 visitors!!
  • exaSound Audio Design

    Visit as for show specials.
  • Göbel High End

    World Premier of the New Divin Marquis speaker system
  • Gershman Acoustics

    Introductory of the new Gershman Acoustics Grand Studio ll
  • Glenn Poor's Audio Video

    Please check with us at AXPONA regarding specials on products being demonstrated and shown.
  • Gotham AG Switzerland

    Ask for Axpona speciual promotion discount for any order given at the show!
  • Goya Acoustics

    We will make one 30 minute presentation every day at 2pm to introduce our company, the Moajaza and future products. Apart from that we offer a special promotion of our first speaker model "Moajaza" during the Axpona.
  • Gryphon Audio Designs ApS

    “Technology is not driving us, we like to drive the technology in a direction that serves us and our goals.” – Gryphon founder, Flemming E. Rasmussen In the year 2020, the Gryphon celebrates 35 years of exploration and innovation, widely acknowledged as one of the most influential high end brands in Scandinavia – and the world. The Gryphon name has long been established as a hallmark of excellence in every aspect of audio design from amplification to loudspeakers to digital playback. It all began with the very first Gryphon power amplifier, the Gryphon DM100: 100 Watts, pure Class A, selectable bias, dual mono, extreme wide bandwidth and so much more. Born a classic, the Gryphon DM100 immediately established itself in high end circles as one of the most acclaimed amplifiers of all time. Done the Gryphon way from the very beginning in 1991, the Gryphon DM100 defined honest, involving and utterly musical performance, paving the way for our current flagship model, the Gryphon Mephisto. Gryphon Essence possesses the same big heart as its top of the range predecessors, the Gryphon Colosseum and Mephisto. The name Essence was chosen because it is the embodiment of the virtues that formed the Gryphon
  • High Fidelity Services

    Please stop by Room 454 to ask about several limited time promotional and introductory product offerings and prices associated with our reference exhibit.
  • Holm Audio

    Show Special: 20% off all Nordost products! Special Promotion: Up to 50% off on selected products at our specials table in Expo Hall #9101! Demo gear sale: Contact Mike Holm to work out special show pricing on any of our show demos!
  • Keith Monks Audio

    Experience the new Prodigy entry model Record Cleaning Machine. Eco|Audio bamboo - noise cancelling, compact, elegant and, sustainably eco friendly.. The only brand and technique approved and in use at the world's major libraries including the US Library of Congress - miniaturized for the home and so quiet and easy, it's perfect for in store record cleaning. List is just $995 - a very special show offer awaits you. The Prodigy is also the world's first Threadless point suction with double the fluid pickup width for even drier records. Still Zero Recontamination - every record, every time - but now without the fiddly nozzle thread. From the original inventors of electric record cleaning - "making records sound better since 1969".
  • Lejonklou HiFi AB

    Fredrik Lejonklou, owner and designer of Lejonklou HiFi will be giving an insightful short talk "Focus your listening to the fifth level" during Friday and Saturday. Please check Room 1422 for times.
  • LINKWITZ - EarFood GmbH

    We offer special AXPONA packages for LX521 and LXsirius , including insured shipping to US airports. Ask our personnel in room #725 Special deal for Room #725: Let us know, if you are interested in buying the demoed LX521.4 in American Walnut w/ high gloss finish. Or the LXsirius in dull dark anthracite finish with massive American Walnut sword and baseplate. We make these two pairs available Sunday afternoon "after show", These two pairs are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Lumin Music Systems

    Bring your SHOW GUIDE WRAPPER and a BUSINESS CARD to suite 1221 to enter a drawing for a free Lumin M1 integrated amp/streamer. For information on the M1 visit: http://www.luminmusic.com/lumin-m1.html
  • MA Recordings

    ¡¡Every Day's a Special Day at MA!!
  • Madisound

    Come demo exciting new speakers using the latest drivers from our top brands!
  • ModWright Instruments Inc.

    Please stop by our room and ask Daniel or Kristin about our AXPONA Show Special pricing.
  • Music Direct

    Music Direct will offer special show-only pricing on products and music at our booth, as well as enter to win select products from our participating brand partners.
  • Nokturne Audio

    We are introducing the new Lejonklou HiFi Entity Moving Coil phono stage to the North American market at Axpona 2020. The Entity is a very high-gain and low noise MC phono stage with unexpected transparency and musicality at its $2695US, $3495CAN price. Lejonklou HiFi owner and designer Fredrik Lejonklou will be at this year's Axpona and will be giving a short talk "Focus your listening to the fifth level" at various times throughout Friday and Saturday. Please check Room 1422 for a schedule.
  • Nordost

    Go to Holm Audio's booth in The Marketplace for exclusive show specials on select Nordost products.
  • On A Higher Note

    We are proud to relaunch Gryphon Audio from Denmark to N. American after their 18 year of hiatus. With a “cost-no-object” approach in design and manufacturing, and a form plus function no-compromise design philosophy, Gryphon Audio Designs has a global acclaim for state of the art performance, intuitive ergonomics and stunning beauty. Gryphon’s preamplifiers and power amplifiers are known for its dual-mono, wide frequency and Class A pedigree, eliciting your emotions in an encompassing experience.
  • Perfect Vinyl Forever LLC

    15% to 20% off PVF by Mail orders placed at AXPONA. This is the ONLY time the cost of our services are reduced! PVF by Mail extends our services worldwide. When an order is placed, we ship our custom mailer to you which includes inner sleeves for transport, record protectors, pre-paid mailing label and packing tape strips. Place your records into the materials provided, hand the mailer to your postal worker and we take care of the rest. Your records will be cleaned and ship back to you within 5 business days. Perfecting your record collection couldn’t be easier or more convenient!
  • Periodic Audio Inc.

    All product bought - or ordered - at the show is 40% off and is tax free!
  • PranaFidelity

    Axpona serves as a special event for every exhibitor and attendee. Imbibe! (preferably in the music). PranaFidelity will feature their model 108a 3-way active loudspeakers. Vinyl playback will be through Kuzma's Stabi R turntable, 4Point tonearm, and CAR40 cartridge. Cabling is with Silversmith Audio, and a modified Technics RS1500 may be there to play tape. There will be digital, too (including a server from Antipodes audio), and visitors are encouraged to bring music (analog and digital) with which they are familiar.
  • Sanders Sound Systems

    Complete Model 10e loudpseaker system show display special: $22,000 out the door, including shipping. Free shipping on all other orders placed during the show. Offer valid April 17-19, 2020.
  • Saturday Audio Exchange

    Join us in the Inspiration Room on the first floor where Sandy Gross of GoldenEar Technology will be showcasing his new BRX Passive Monitor. You will have also have a chance to hear once again one of the most highly reviewed speakers in the industry - the GoldenEar Triton One.R Tower Speakers. Sandy will do doing ongoing demos with discussion of GoldenEar's technology and new products all three days. Don’t miss this chance to spend time with an Industry Legend! Our show demo products are for sale at significantly reduced prices ... Ask for Andy!
  • Seamzeazy Record Accessories

    Seamzeazy will be providing demonstrations of our premier product the Seamzeazy Record Jacket Repair Strips. We will be available to repair your damaged record jackets on the spot---for FREE! And, if we do repair your damaged jackets we will offer a discount coupon on your first purchase (including on our Seamzeazy Record Tote). See you at the show!
  • Sierra Audio

    Debuting for the first time at Axpona 2020! A must see and hear!!
  • SOTA Turntables

    SOTA Escape turntable will make its US debut at this year's AXPONA. Come see and hear astonishing soundstage featured with our eclipse package motor and Condor PSU, environmentally friendly phenolic resin plinth and interchangeable tonearm capabilities. The Escape brings unparalleled audiophile performance to price point.
  • Source Systems Ltd.

    Present your 2020 AXPONA show guide Lumin wrapper in room 1221, with your business card, to enter a Sunday drawing for a Lumin M1 music player, a streamer/renderer/DAC, with built in integrated amp and source switching.
  • Speaker Physics, USA

    Speaker Physics is accepting order for its speaker at special show price.
  • Stereo Haven

    Mono Spectacular Sunday! Mono Records Only
  • SweetVinyl

    Please visit our room and have a demonstration - log your email with us and receive a show special discount if purchasing within 30 days after the show.
  • Tien Audio Ltd.

    Demonstration video to be played every hour - or on demand
  • Torus Power Inc.

    Torus Power is offering a 10% discount for orders placed during Axpona 2020.
  • Vandersteen Audio

    Friday and Saturday at 11:30 AM, Richard Vandersteen will discuss the technology that makes Vandersteen a unique loudspeaker and electronics company.
  • WallyTools Analog Setup Tools

    Come to the WallyTools Analog Setup Tools Master Class Theater presentation on Friday at 4pm. Special AXPONA pricing on products.
  • Woo Audio

    Show special 10% OFF all Woo Audio amplifiers.
  • ZMF Headphones

    Stop by the ZMF Headphones booth for show specials!