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Saturday, April 23, 2022  |  2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Open to All Attendees!

Reviewers on Reviewing

Julie Mullins
Contributing Editor, Stereophile
Michael Lavorgna
Founder and Editor, Twittering Machines'
Marc Philips
Editor-In-Chief, PTA
Greg Weaver
the audio analyst©, Senior Writer/Content Creator, Enjoy the, Senior Editor, Positive Feedback, Senior Editor

Audio Reviews! We rely on them, not only for entertainment, but to assist in purchasing decisions, and to learn about what’s new. At their best, audio reviews can do even more: they can provoke us to examine our own personal audio experiences by comparing them to those of the reviewer’s. Over time, reviewer-reader relationships can become quite intimate: morphing into powerful tools that assist us with refining our understanding while developing our own personal audio aesthetic.

Fortunately, reviewers are all different. Their personalities, methods, and viewpoints, are as personal as their fingerprint. As readers we naturally connect with some more than others.

This seminar will provide an opportunity for a range of audio reviewer’s to explain a little about who they are as people, how they do their job, and what they wish consumers knew. Most importantly, it will present an opportunity for audiophiles to ask those questions they wish they could have asked while reading the reviews.

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