Conference Speaker:

David SolomonChief Hi-Res Music EvangelistQobuz

As a musician, mixing engineer and all around music lover, Solomon has made a diverse career in the high-end audio industry for the last three decades. Currently on the launch team for Qobuz and duly named “Chief Hi-Res Music evangelist”, Solomon is in charge of building excitement, interest and demand for hi-res streaming within the world of high-end audio as well as biz dev in the US. This is familiar territory as he did the same for Tidal in 2014.

Solomon’s wide-spanned career has been diverse, starting his management career in talent acquisition, education, sales management and business owner, launching start-up companies and seeing them to success.

Gear has always been a means to the end, which is now, and has always been about the finest in music reproduction.

Solomon says with passion that Qobuz is his dream job and loves nothing more than getting people and companies involved with streaming a hi-res library that’s second to none in content, hi-res tracks and sound quality.