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Rafe ArnottEditorAudioStream/InnerFidelity

Currently the editor for AudioStream and InnerFidelity, Rafe Arnott splits his time between high-end digital audio and headphones with a lot of turntable rotations in between.

Two decades as an award-winning newspaper journalist before making the jump full-time to the Stereophile group/AVTech Media has uniquely prepared Rafe for the rough-and-tumble world of being of a paid audiophile writer, reviewer and music lover.

Rafe currently resides on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast with his family where he continously unpacks, lifts, and then packs up increasingly heavier DACs, streamers/servers, headphone amplifiers, preamplifiers and active monitors in a relentless quest to ruin his lower back.

“Whether it’s streaming high-res files off cloud-based services, dropping the needle in a groove or sliding a silver disc into a transport tray, my preference is for great-sounding music, not necessarily the convenience of dematerialized albums, collecting ever-cheapers CDs or taxing my record-cleaning machine with new finds. They are all in service of what’s becoming a decades-long quest to have my favorite albums within reach regardless of what source I choose.” – Rafe Arnott