APRIL 11-13, 2025
Schaumburg Convention Center | Chicago, IL

Advisory Board Member

Walter Schofield

Nexus Audio Technologies

Walter Schofield began his journey in the audio market when, during his teen years, he found work at various retail shops in New England . After 16 years in retail, he transitioned to the manufacturing side when he joined Equity International, then-owners of Bowers and Wilkins, as the National Sales Manager for its CWD division.

It was during his time with Equity that Walter was fortunate to learn from such important audio industry figures as Joe Atkins, John McIntosh and Chris Browder. Soon after, Walter moved on to executive level positions with such industry leaders  as Mark Levinson, Meridian, and more recently, Krell Industries.

Today, Walter, who was recognized as a CE Pro Master, an accolade reserved for a handful of industry veterans, is known as the founder and President of Nexus Audio Technologies,  a company that support independent, high fidelity audio brands sales and marketing initiatives to grow their business throughout North America. Nexus acts as the  Brand Manager for the Swiss loudspeaker brand Stenheim, Swedish electronics brand, Primare, Alta Audio loudspeakers, and a boutique, high end brand of electronics based in Canada, Infigo Audio.

Under Walter’s leadership, Nexus Audio employs highly differentiated marketing initiatives that stand apart from the usual programs implemented in the audio market, a trait that is typical of his successful career path in high-performance audio.

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